Monday, April 20, 2009


You must buy this jacket IMMEDIATELY. It is so incredibly fabulous, although I admit the act of DIY studding an antique (synthetic (!!?!?!?)) Victorian jacket is extraordinarily sacrilegious.

Sorry about my lack of posting. I have exams next week and have to watch the whole series of True Blood study to save myself from impending failure. I have also been busy fixing my hair colour of doom. To cut a long story short... I spent $210 dyeing my hair exactly the same colour.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

In a whole world of pain

Sorry about my lack of outfit photos of late. I've been busy dying and no longer have the physical ability to put clothes on that are not pyjamas.

My boyfriend and I went to stay with my dad in Albany for Easter and GENIUS here (yes me) decided that it would be a GREAT idea to climb the highest mountain in Western Australia (ok, ok it's not that high for a highest mountain, but I want sympathy). I've climbed it several times before, but mountains must be like childbirth, because I had no memory of how awful it was.

Since climbing aforementioned mountain on Friday, I have been almost totally incapable of walking/standing/moving in any way. In AGONY. Michael has said that I have used up my whinging allowance and have to shut up now.

Am distracting myself with the new Zambesi collection (classic New Zealand label). I never quite know what to do with sheer clothing; I tend to wear it over boring things like black singlets, which pretty much defeats the purpose of wearing sheer in the first place, so I particularly LOVE the sheer black dress over the yellow print.

The peak of doom:

Edit: Michael has just informed me that this is the highest mountain in the South West; Mt Augustus is the highest mountain in the whole state. Blah! It was still high!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Aurelio Costarella

Gem and I went to the Aurelio Costarella shop today. He's this awesome designer from Perth, but he sells his stuff at Barneys/Bendels etc. Yay for the financial downturn: not only am I getting another $900 to spend on frivolity from Krudd BUT Ray Costarella has seriously lowered his prices (ok ok... at top is is $500 instead of $900... but that's still WAY cheaper....).

Don't tell my boyfriend this, but as soon as my money arrives I'm going to buy this fabulous puffy sleeved leather jacket thing (can't find a photo of it anywhere, he has been slack with updating his website), and this coooooooooooooool blouse that I have been in love with for AGES:

Sunday, April 5, 2009

No more slingbacks

My shoe wardrobe is currently extremely lacking, made worse by the fact that about half of my shoes are slingbacks. Despite the fact that I am thoroughly aware that slingbacks ARE THE MOST IRRITATING SHOES EVER INVENTED, I insist on buying new pairs, only to be reminded about how annoying they are!

Last night was the straw that broke the camel's back; I wore my silver and blue slingbacks and they drove me INSANE. They kept falling off the back of my heel, so I had to stop walking every 5 seconds to bend over and fix them.

I've come to the resolution that I AM NEVER BUYING SLINGBACKS AGAIN! You are all witnesses to this, and if I ever buy another pair you have my full permission to admonish me for my stupidity.

No pictures of the offending footwear, but here is today's outfit:

I'm wearing: Self-made dress, Espace boots, Viktoria & Woods cardigan

I was going for the English summer holiday look:

Image from this month's Australian Marie Claire

I think a more substantial cardigan would work better, so I'm off to buy one now!