Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Draped dress

I'm working on a new dress at the moment but it's giving me nothing but trouble. I'm onto my 4th draft of the pattern - it was supposed to be loose and comfortable but instead it looks like a shapeless 80s sack so I've given up and am making it tight fitting instead.

In the meantime, here is the dress that I wore yesterday. I made it just over a year ago from gorgeous vintage fabric that I inherited from my friend's mum. I've had it for years but I could never figure out what to do with it.

It was quite interesting making it, because I only had about 3 metres of fabric and I didn't have enough to do the skirt that I intended. Which turned out to be very fortunate as it forced me to drape the fabric instead of cut it, and the skirt ended up being the coolest part of the dress.



  1. Hey, that dress is gorgeous! And thanks for commenting yesterday on my blog. I'm a regular shopper at Fab Fabrics already, but I've never ventured in some of the others. Agree wholeheartedly about spotlight....Aurelio Costarella? How come I never heard of that one?! (rhetorical) Signing myself up asap...
    I love reading your blog, laughed out loud some places.... Nicki Webster, what a scream!

  2. The drape is lovely - very fortuitous development indeed! I don't know if I've said this before, but I love your hair, as well. :)

    A xx

  3. This is such a cute dress, love your style.

    Following :-)

  4. Hi! How funny, I just found you blog (I love it, just got caught here for half an hour) and when I returned to add a link to it on my own blog you had left a comment there :-).
    I LOVE your Chalayan shoes (and your creations, many) and got inspired to try to make a short, sculpted skirt (your Westwoodish-skirt + the puffy, sculpted black skirt are just gorgeous). Cleaning the house is first on the list though (that's why I'm blogging...).
    Good luck with the dress-pattern, I know the feeling (loose, comfy things that are really two different things in fantasy and in reality)! And the draped dress is gorgeous!

  5. Great dress! I also liked the Vivian Westwood-ish skirt you posted on wardrobe refashion. And you don't look like a strumpet or a slattern...great job.

  6. Hi! Me again! Re your comments on my blog; I'm not sure my sewing standards are up to trench coat level either, however that's a minor technical consideration that's never stopped me in the past from launching into something! And looking at those beautiful dresses you've made I think you're a very talented and creative lady who is more than capable of any sewing project! I say go for it! I used Burda 7786, if you would like to see my first attempt at this pattern I've posted about it 1/12/09 on my blog...
    Re Spotlight, the last time I went in on a 20% off day (for a coupla zips and some overlocking thread) I came out with 6 pillows, 6 cushions and 20m of upholstery fabric. No zips.
    Good luck with your current dress, I can't wait to see pictures of it!

  7. that is seriously beautiful! im not always one for long and summery, but that.. that i'll wear.

    hope you have a great 2010 love!


  8. I read the entire blog! I am so hooked! :D
    I love that dress so much! It is seriously gorgeous!
    happy 2010!

  9. Oh wow, its beautiful!! I'm sure you'll turn that 80's sack right around and make it something beautiful :)