Friday, January 15, 2010

No bows this time, but loads of broderie anglaise

Urgh! I am sooooo frustrated! Why can I not take a photo?? I think I spend more time trying to take a bloody photo of things I've made than I actually take sewing them! I finally took some photos in which I don't look like a deformed mutant... and then I had to crop them because they were taken from too far away (self-timer issues) and now they're all grainy and horrible. I also wanted to take some photos of the skirt on a hanger so you can see the construction and the details but I just can't do it! Either too much light or not enough light. So hard!

Anyway, this is my new skirt. It is magnificent and I wish the photos conveyed that! (How hilarious is my super-serious pose in the second picture!)

Oh I and nearly forgot! I found the Ann Demeulemeester knock-off sandals that I desperately wanted! They're not exactly the same, but similar. Michael hates them. Whenever I wear them he says "you look beautiful from the ankles up". Hilarious!


  1. Cool skirt! I have the same picture-taking problem. I use the self-timer too, and my camera is balanced very precariously on my ironing board plus books, because I don't have a tripod. And then of course the lighting is off and the photos need to be cropped, etc. I'm looking forward to the summer because then i can take my pictures outside, which will hopefully be easier with the light and all.

  2. I love the shoes! My picture-taking abilities are slowly imprvin, but I like to blame my deficiencies on my camera...I mean, seriously, how could it be me?

  3. Wish we could see some before photos for comparison, but it looks just fantastic, very flattering and cute and I love the broderie anglaise detail...
    Photo taking, hmmm. If I can't rope in a handy husband or child to take my photo (these always turn out better) I too used to balance the camera on a chair or stool then race around to the front and try to look intelligent/attractive/not dorky... not being headless or feetless is a bonus until I've worked out where my "mark" is to get these features in.... Sometimes I've taken a dozen photos just to get one decent one! I reckon outside light but not direct sunlight is the best, and now I finally understand why photographers endlessly rant on about "the light"!!!
    I've got a tripod since Christmas, which makes it easier and will save my camera... once it took a tumble off a rock when I was taking a shot at the beach, thankfully it was OK!

  4. I have never thought of trying it with fine wire. Perhaps fine wire and a fine fun yarn. When I try it you can be the owner of the very first one...just don't let me forget to try it. Sometimes my mind goes blank when I find something else I want to try.

  5. I adore this skirt shape... its so cute!

  6. adorable! peplums are the bees knees!