Saturday, September 3, 2011

All I need now is a whip and a hat...

Apparently this outfit makes me look like Indiana Jones, which I'm taking as a compliment as I adore Indiana and he is welcome to explore my temple whenever he likes.

This is my other leather jacket as detested by my sewing machine. I can't be arsed taking close-up pictures today so I'll do it another day.

SSS - day 3
Top: For Love and Liberty
Trousers: ASOS
Glorious shoes: vintage
Belt: vintage


  1. I always associated Indiana Jones video games with you! ;)

  2. So this IS your other leather jacket! I can't believe I can even say "other" self-made leather jacket... so clever. You are the queen of leather jackets, bravo!

  3. Stunning jacket!! Ooo,the thought of Indy exploring my temple makes me feel a little faint! Yep,definetly a sexy female version here!
    I will try and get a pic of thatrenovated frock for you when I get back today....:)x

  4. You mean you want him to raid your lost ark?

    Couldn't resist...

    Lurrrve the retro-man-chic look. Somehow the integration of uber-femme with masculine always looks so.... fainty... :)