Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hyperallergenic necklace

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my last post. It's so lovely that anyone is still reading my blog when I have been so lax with my updates.

Here is another one the dresses I made for my upcoming trip. It's a blatant rip off of the not-terribly-original Wiksten Anna dress (except mine is lined, is more fitted and has more interesting sleeves). I wanted to go for the casual chic look... however I'm a little worried that it looks like some sort of standard issue garb given to me when I got too old to live at the orphanage!

I thought accessorising would be the key. Although I'm useless at that and own almost no jewellery. I think it looks quite good with my $2 charity shop necklace... but I can only wear it for 2 hours at a time as I am completely allergic to any metal that isn't frightfully expensive. (This is perhaps the reason why I don't own jewellery.)

I have been organising my travel wardrobe and it's not as dire as I first expected! Stay tuned in the next few days for outfit pics, tips for dressing for winter travel and ... *drumroll*... my travel itinerary.





  1. Hi there
    the dress isn't orphany at all :) For pendants at least, you can coat the back with clear nail polish to stop it irritating your skin btw

  2. Pretty! I like these kind of dresses. My friend wore one for NYE and I've been thinking of making something similar with longer sleeves... :)
    Oh cool, Vienna! I visited for the first time this summer, it's a really beautiful city (and I heard the people are rather nice when it isn't high tourist season... ;). It is pretty far from Berlin (by European standards) - 700km, about 7h drive. There are a couple of other visit-worthy cities on the way (Praha and Dresden are both very pretty!) but I don't think it would lend itself to less than a 2 or 3 day round-trip... I'm game for coffee and playing the tour guide if you manage to come by, though! In any case, have loads of fun on your travels! And if you want to check out some non-metal funky jewellery, Kaufhaus Schiepek (Teinfaltstrasse 3, near the Burgtheater) has some really cool things. They have a website, too: http://shop.kaufhaus-schiepek.at/home.php

  3. Awesome dress! This looks like the perfect basic to wear on its own during the summer, and then to layer it up with funky tights, coat and a big cowl scarf for during the winter

  4. That second pic is sooo pretty!
    Bummer about being allergic to all but expensive metal!I am so grateful I'm not! I suppose you've tried the clear nail varnish on the back thingy??Dunno if it works,it's just something I heard of somehwere along the line.
    Yes,we have to wear helmets by law here(I call them helMUTTS,as I feel like a mutt from hell in mine).I have my strap quite loose so it goes over my big hair,and the padding in my bun is quite soft,which helps.I hate wearing the damn thing,but can't be arsed with a $60NZ fine either...Some hairdos/hair ornaments it won't go over at all,so I save those for driving/walking/busing days!But I do love cycling!
    Gagging to hear all about this trip!X

  5. I've heard if you coat jewellery with a bit of clear nail-polish, it helps with the allergic bit if that helps :)

    Great to see you back in the blogging world!