Thursday, January 12, 2012


Guten tag from Vienna!

Sorry about the crappy iPhone photos and no outfit shots, but I am having technological issues and I´m all by myself so it´s logistically difficult to take a photo that is more than my arm´s length away.

Vienna is an absolutely beautiful city. I wish I had some company but I´m still having a good time. I haven´t even got lost yet, which is a miracle in itself. There is a maze at the castle I am going to tomorrow that I´d love to see... but I´m afraid that if I enter it I´ll never return... I much prefer travelling with someone who can take charge of all navigational matters!

I was pretty excited about doing lots of shopping here but I´m a bit disappointed. I bought a beautiful vintage top from the most fabulous vintage shop ever but everything else is either H&M or Versace and nothing in between. Oh well, I´ll save all my money (and suitcase space) for England.

I´m going to be settled in England on Monday, so hopefully I´ll be able to do a proper post then.


  1. Wow! You're in Vienna already! That was quick :) Is this your first stop on the Europe trip? Vienna has some nice shops, but I'd agreee that you are probably better off saving you suitcase space and money for London :)

    My offer still stands :) Just drop me a line if you want to meet up in Vienna in the next couple of days before you leave.

  2. If the 67cents I have in my piggy bank would've been enough to join you I would gladly being your company ( and photographer)! Have fun, look forward to following your travels! Love the red loopy, looks like the perfect shade.

  3. Ooooooh what are your plans when you're in London? Let me know if you'd like any tips for things to do, places to go... or if you want to meet up with me and/or other London sewing bloggers. x

  4. Pretty lipstick! Have fun in Vienna for now! I've found that European cities differ *greatly* in their 2nd hand/vintage shops... Berlin's are pretty good though I don't think they can hold a candle to the ones in any English speaking country I've been to. Curious, no?
    How long are you staying in Britain, by the way. I happen to be visiting London/Oxford next month...

    1. You definitely look more mature and beautiful.

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  5. Hellooooo gorgeous!!!
    Vienna! EEK! O,I'd love to sniff out all the Gustav Klimt places......I'm so excited for you,and can't wait for more travel posts!
    Take care,and fark H & M!UGH! Common muck!

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