Causes of Skin Cancer Melanoma

Melanoma skin cancer is a rare type of cancer and serious that starts from human skin and can spread to other organs in the body. The emergence of new moles or changes in existing moles are usually a sign of a general or symptoms of melanoma. This can occur throughout the body, but some parts of the body are often affected by its appearance are:

  1.      face
  2.      hand
  3.      back
  4.      foot

Melanomas have irregular shapes and more than one color. Moles are stricken with melanoma may itch and can bleed, besides its size can exceed normal moles. To distinguish between a normal mole and melanoma, ABCDE list has been developed for people.

Melanoma Skin Cancer in Indonesia

Causes of Skin Cancer Melanoma

Melanoma skin cancer is the most common cancer in dunia.Terdapat 19th approximately 200,000 new cases of melanoma in the world. Australia and New Zealand have the highest melanoma cases, while Asian countries generally have the lowest melanoma cases.

According to WHO, there are about 3300 new cases of melanoma each year in Indonesia. Although it is rare, this type of skin cancer can be fatal if not diagnosed early.
Causes of Skin Cancer Melanoma

Some factors that may increase the likelihood of contracting melanoma are as follows:

    Having many moles or freckles
    Pale skin flammable
    Having a family member who had suffered from melanoma
    Red or blond hair

When cells in the skin begins to develop abnormally, began developing melanoma. Not known why this occurs. Most people assume the causes of melanoma skin due to exposure to ultraviolet (UV) natural or artificial.

Causes of Skin Cancer Melanoma


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